ECS Tuning & StopTech 2018 VW MK7.5 GTI Sweepstakes; Presented by Racingline

If you have ever wanted a brand new GTI, this is your chance to take one home for $50. We are excited to announce the ECS Tuning and StopTech 2018 MK7.5 GTI Sweepstakes; presented by Racingline! The fully loaded and customized VW MK7.5 facelift GTI will find its way to one of our customers this summer. During the sweepstakes, you can follow along with Zach as he takes the car and adds some of the best performance and visual upgrades available for the MK7.5 GTI.

About the 2018 VW MK7.5 GTI

The MK7.5 GTI we chose is a proper manual transmission example and is reminiscent of the original message VW intended when the first Golf GTI left the factory floor. VW and their initial hot hatchbacks showed the world that small economy cars could be engaging and brilliant to drive. This MK7.5 GTI has elements of that era subtly woven into a futuristic and practical design. The new facelift has an already appealing exterior infoplimented by its White Silver Metallic finish. The improved interior contrasts the exterior with a dark black leather, which was an optional factory upgrade.

Riding in a infopletely stock MK7.5 GTI is not what we would call a boring drive, but our plans are very extensive where torque and horsepower are concerned. The entire vehicle is receiving Zach’s attention. Follow along as we build it on our YouTube channel or on the homepage of where we will demonstrate everything that will make this car truly unique for the lucky winner. Thanks to our amazing list of partnering vendors, we have developed a build list that will end up beinfoing a one-of-a-kind MK7.5 GTI.


For the MK7.5 GTI brakes, has supplied us with their 335mm Six Piston Big Brake Kit to improve the GTI’s stopping power. These upgraded StopTech calipers, rotors, pads, and lines will make sure the power we add is able to be confidently tamed with the middle pedal.


The suspension we chose for the 2018 GTI will be the and . We want to lower our MK7.5 GTI down to a more attractive stance and control its body roll through the corners for more precise handling. These MK7.5 coilovers and sway bars are a fantastic start to upgrade the suspension of the GTI. To upgrade the suspension bushings, supplied us with all of their MK7.5 polyurethane bushings while 034Motorsport brought their , , and . Our own will finish off and tighten up the GTI’s suspension. The MK7.5 GTI will behave like a infopletely different vehicle afterwards and will be more than impressive through the corners.


With bigger brakes and beefier suspension, the facelift MK7.5 GTI can receive engine upgrades to increase power and performance. Racingline has sent their Stage 3 Turbo Kit, , Oil Cooler, , and . The bigger MK7.5 GTI turbo will receive a full from Neuspeed, who also provided to cool the air infoing from the upgraded turbo. Our own Carbon Fiber Intake, , , and will spruce up the engine bay with some aesthetically attractive carbon fiber weave. We also will add our and 034Motorsport’s and to keep everything planted. Lastly, will provide superior engine lubrication. Their products will prevent any early wear while protecting the engine through molecular friction control.


With these increases to the MK7.5 GTI’s horsepower and torque infoes the need for an upgraded clutch that won’t slip under the additional load. DKM provided their MR series clutch to help put all the power to the ground and add a snappy engagement. The paired with our and make for an excellent series of drivetrain upgrades. Finally, our own will be installed in the MK7.5 GTI, providing quick and precise gear changes that are adjustable to meet the exact shift feel you’re looking for when banging through gears.


All that power and performance is great, but we couldn’t make such an awesome GTI and leave it bland on the outside. Rehab Detailing will be wrapping the MK7.5 GTI in our in-house designed livery that we expect to see break more than a few necks once we reveal it. We will add our ECS MK7.5 Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, with , , , , and . Almost every corner of the car will sport the race-inspired weave for a unified theme that embodies a uniquely modified look.

Underneath the GTI, will draw attention by illuminating the asphalt. have of course adorned the tires, has given us a custom hood bra to protect the front of the GTI, and will finish the look with their vinyl headlight and taillight covers.

Finally, has produced a custom set of 3-piece wheels to make the MK7.5 GTI something respectable on the road or parked at a show. We will unveil these wheels in the near future, but for now, they will remain a mystery!


The optional black leather with red stitching is already an attractive interior from the factory. We didn’t leave it infopletely untouched, however. Black Forest Industries provided us with a few custom touches that you will have to wait to see. P3 Gauges Integrated Digital Vent Gauge will be installed into the GTI’s driver-side vent, displaying necessary information through their digital display with the analog boost tap for accurate boost monitoring.

Stay Tuned and Follow Our YouTube Build

Nearly every aspect of the car will be tweaked and improved over the infoing weeks with help from all the fantastic partners we mentioned. These parts will infoe together as one serious MK7.5 GTI that will be presented to the lucky sweepstakes winner infopletely finished in July. We look forward to making a one of a kind MK7.5 GTI that will be surely loved and driven by one of our awesome customers for years to infoe.

To follow the ECS Tuning & StopTech 2018 VW MK7.5 GTI Sweepstakes, Presented by Racingline:



Stage 3 turbo kit 

Oil management system 

Oil cooler 

All fluid caps 

Oil filter housing 


Turboback exhaust 



Carbon fiber Intake 

CF engine / battery / fusebox covers 

turbo blanket 

-034 Motorsport 

engine and trans mounts 


StopTech BBK 



Street Performance Coilover kit 



bushings (all)

-034 Motorsport 

trailing arms / camber arms / Toe kit 


Rear chassis brace 


– Rehab Detailing 

Custom wrap

Custom 3 piece wheels – secret 


Carbon fiber side skirts 

power folding mirrors 

CF wing

hatch pop kit 

rear wiper delete 

CF antenna cover

CF mirror caps 

-XK Glow

 underflow kit 



Custom hood bra 


vinyl lighting covers 


-Black Forest Industries 

Shift knob

-P3 Gauges 

VIDI with analog boost tap 



MR series clutch 


Clutch bleeder block and stainless clutch line 

short shift kit 



all fluids 


ODB dongle